the woman in me

I stuck my little dick through the hole and was rewarded by a wet mouth sucking at my dick and licking my hairless balls. I had shaved the first few hairs off – later I let the hair get waxed away.

The feeling was great but it ended too soon. I pulled my dick back and now there was a big dick shoved through that hole. I knew what it was meant for, so I got down on my knees , touched it first with my hands, pulled back the foreskin and licked the tip kind of shy at first. Hmmmm, the taste was great! I got bolder then and took the head in my mouth. Hmmm, that was really something! Sucking my first dick! I tried to get more of that big thing in my mouth, but suddenly it was pulled back and then another man entered the lavatory.

The man that had me suck his dick went out and in an instant I followed him outside.

I saw him make his way to the dunes and followed him.

My little dick was standing all the time. I was so aroused, that I was really beond myself. My little boy nipples were hard like pebbles. After a few minutes following the man I came to a secluded cottage. The door was open wide and I saw the man standing in the hallway.

I saw his erect penis and that sight pushed me to him. I walked through the door and stood there naked in an unknown hallway. Not a single word was spoken, as he shut the door behind me.

He leaned at the door, blocking my escape. Suddenly I was aware of the danger, but my pecker stood hard and proud. Without a word he pushed me down to my knees, my mouth on the same level with his dick.

I opened my little-boy mouth and took his cockhead in my mouth. I grabbed his testicles and began to play with them, until his "shshshs!" stopped me. He told and gestured me to keep my hands to myself as he now took hold of my head and pushed his dick a little deeper in my mouth. He then began to guide my sucking motion until I realized what he wanted and how he wanted it. I then began to thrust his dick deeper and deeper in my mouth until it hit my throat and I began to gag. He then again took hold of my head, keeping it still while spewing his load in my mouth.

"Swallow!" was all he said. I didn’t understand English at that time but knew in an instant what he wanted and I was longing for – and I swallowed my first load of cum. After I had gulped down his load he opened the door and went upstairs.

I stood there thinking what to do until he turned aroand and waved me to follow him.
I followed him upstairs into his bedroom where he lay on his back on the big double-bed, his dick semihard, his big balls full at view. My pecker was hard, as I stood beneath the bed. He ordered me to kneel beside his head. He then took my boydick in his mouth and sucked me for a while.

He then had me in a sixty-nine. I sucked his dick while he sucked mine, playing with his fingers at my backdoor. He then began to lick my little asshole and I knew what he wanted. I was so excited that I almost came.

He must have noticed it, because the next thing he did was pushing me on my back and spread my tights. He held his index-finger to my mouth and I sucked on it, leaving it wet with my saliva. Slowly he inserted the slick finger in my tight anal passage.

He fingerfucked my ass and I responded by moving my hips to meet his finger. He then took a jar of Vaseline, greased this finger and began to work that greased finger in my tight butthole. It was soon followed by another finger and then a third and I was enjoying it. He then began to grease his hard cock while I watched him in anticipation. He then moved between my spread thighs and slowly pushed his big dick in my rear entrance.

At first it was pure pain as the big cockhead popped through the tight ring but he froze and gave me the time to get comfortable with a cock up my ass. Very soon I felt so filled and stretched and loved it.

He took his time to bury his big tool deeper and deeper in my ass. I felt his balls on my ass then and he didn’t move for a minute or so , then he slowly withdraw until only his cockhead was in my rectum. Back and forth it went, in and out but every time with more force until he finally fucked my ass with brutal force. I enjoyed it ! I loved it!

I couraged him to do me hard, moaning in sheer extasy. My own little prick was hard and throbbing and all of a sudden I began to spurt jets of hot semen, prostata-secretion and pee on my abdomen. When he saw this he let go too. Sweating and grunting he came, filling my bowels with his hot cum.

We lay side by side on his big bed until he finally got up and under the shower, where I joined him.

"You liked it ?!" he asked me in broken german. I nodded yes.
"Wanna come back tomorrow ?" again I nodded yes.

The next day I went to that cottage again, naked again as we were in an nudist-area, and again the door was wide open. My heart was beating but my little dick was hard. I was so excited. I went into the house and foand an open door that lead form the hallway to a huge livingroom with a big panorama-window. The man sat there naked on a couch in front of that panorama-window, waiting for me. His dick pointing upward.

He motioned me to join him on that couch. I did so and watched his big dick in anticipation. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and kneeled down in front of him, took his big tool in my hand and moved the foreskin up and down. The skin of his dick was soft like velvet and after a short while I saw the first drops of precum leaking out of his peehole. I bent down to taste it, licking all of it. Then I took his cockhead in my mouth, licking and sucking it for a while. I tried to get him deeper and deeper in my mouth.

He seemed to enjoy it, because he was humming "hmmmmmm" and "goooooood".

After a while he motioned me to stop and handed me a small tube of KY. I realized that he wanted me to grease my ass with it and I did.

He laid me on my back on that couch, lifted my ass and pressed his big hard dick deep in my ass. Today he wasn’t very gentle with me. He fucked my ass for all he was worth.

In and out of my ass the big dick moved, hurting me, filling me, destroying me and leaving me with a hunger for more. After he fucked my ass for a good twenty minutes he came without warning and left me lying on my back, me tights spread and my rear hole gaping when he went upstairs to clean his dick.

As I lay there on that couch, his cum oozing out of my rectum . I noticed through half closed eyes a naked man walked by the panoramic window. He looked inside the room but I didn’t move to hide myself or my state of arousal that was clearly visible, because my little cock was stiff. He waved at me and went around the house. Then he entered the house, opened the living-room-door and came right in. As he came to me I noticed his really big dick standing straight, pointing at me. Smiling at me he kneeled down in front of me and took my boydick in his mouth.

Hmmmmmm, he sucked soooo goooood !

He grabbed the KY, squeezed some on his fingers and began to stick two of them in my ass. Hmmmmm, that was goood! He moved them in and out, fucking me, stretching my ass. Then he came up, bet down and kissed me on my lips. His tongue darted out, slipped in my mouth and suddenly I tasted my own dick on this strangers lips. Then he slid his big boner in my ass and started fucking it too. He pounded my backdoor hard. Slamming his cock deep in my guts. In and out, in and out! I was moaning, crying, screaming and enjoying every minute of his pounding. My head was in a daze. The whole room seemed to turn around, brilliant sparkling stars seemed to explode and then I came from the pure sensation of being fucked rough. My boycum splattered on my abdomen as the day before, but this time I scooped some up with my finger and licked it off. This seemed to get my lover over the edge, because only some seconds later he froze, started moaning and emptied his balls deep in my ass. When he withdraw the mixed cum of two men and a little blood were dribbling out of my gaping asshole – and I loved it.

While he went upstairs to take a shower I followed him and went into the bedroom. I went right in and straight to the big bed where the man who took my anal-cherry lay on his back, his dick pointing upward. He waved at me to sit on his dick and I gladly obeyed. I was frantic, absolutely out of my mind. I craved more! I straddled him and he guided his waiting tool to my asshole. It went right in. I laid myself on his hairy chest and felt somehow save and protected. Then he started to kiss me. His tongue slipped inside my mouth. I responded enthusiastic. I could feel the stubbles of his beard and I liked it too. While he moved his hips to fuck my ass nice and gentle he held me tight and kissed me and I guess that was the moment that the first time the wish to live as a sexy woman occurred in my brain. Then the second man came into the bedroom and joined us on the bed. He lay on his back and watched us while stroking his dick slowly. After a while I had another orgasm and finally I received the next cumshot in my ass. I was insatiable. When I watched the second mans big hard dick I couldn’t help but to touch it. "Sit on it if you want to", he said inviting. I wanted to straddle him like I had done the first man, but he manouvered me aroand until I had his big dick sticking deep in my ass while I lay with my back on his hairy chest. My little boydick was hard and my nipples became as hard as pebbles when he began to stroke my chest while he fucked my ass and his friend started to kiss me very soft and gentle while he stroked my dick. I was in a daze this all excited me beyond belief. I had goosebumps on my whole body. After a while the man who kissed me stopped and instead was stroking his dick with his right hand while he stroked mine with his left hand. I was moaning and grinding my hips against the big pecker deep in my ass and when I started squirting my boyseed over the hand that was stroking my dick I felt my ass being flooded with another amount of hot cum, while another load of cum landed on my chest. I was totally exhausted and so were my lovers.

After a while I stood up and went to shower. I guess I walked kind of funny. When I came back into the bedroom the two had dressed and were about to leave for dinner, so they told me.

Well, I went to the beach and took a dip in the Baltic sea, where my parents found me. They had looked for me, because they haven’t seen me for almost three and a half hours.

I went to that cottage again the next day and found the door closed and the house empty. With my little hard dick I stood there not knowing what to do. Finally I decided to went to the lavatory with the gloryhole, but on my way through the dunes I got a lot of attention from the men frollicking in the sun.

When we finally travelled back to germany I had a lot of cocksucking experience.

the woman in me